Aleksandra (Sasha)  Vavilova/Gurley
Gallery of Oil Painting, Pastel, and Photography

Aleksandra Vavilova

          Aleksandra (Sasha)  Vavilova was born  in Latvia

She Self-Portrait 1began drawing at the age of four and it has become her life-time passion.
     Sasha traveled, studied, and exhibited  her art in Italy, SwitzerlandGreece, United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany.


  She  moved to the United States in 2003, first to Memphis, where she studied Psychology and Art History, then to New York, where she now resides, attends Pratt Institute, and paints. Sasha has successfully tried Photography and Graphic Design but Painting remains her favorite form of self-expression. She paints in most mediums, specializing in oils. But still, she preserves her early love of pencil, charcoal, and pastel.


                Sasha is a skilled and imaginative artist. She experiments with styles and ideas, paradoxical juxtaposition of objects thus creating a new reality. Her life-long interest in psychology inspired her in her creation of series of expressionistic portraits and scenes. Her dramatic, magically expressive and surrealistic images communicate mood, beauty, and color harmony.